Space Battle - Minor Update 0.1.5!

Minor update: 28th October.

What's new in SpaceBattle  v0.1.5 ?

> Just a bundle of bugfixes


  • new - Added new collision level to manage animations
  • new - Added rotation to the satellites
  • new - Added GpsBase to manage better gps in the game
  • new - Added new img of ships before start game
  • new - Added new menu button scene
  • imp - Multiple updates inside code
  • imp - Updated collider station again
  • imp - Updated camera size when player enter
  • imp - Updated colliders of station to have better collision
  • imp - Updated architecture main satellite and size
  • imp - Updated player ui, better positions
  • imp - Updated location of version in main menu
  • imp - Updated red sprite main player shot
  • imp - Updated mines to BlowUp only when they are away of landed state
  • imp - Updated mine structure


  • fix - Fixed distance between mines and players
  • fix - Problem after refactor with spawn mines
  • fix - Problem with new gps inside minerals
  • fix - Problem with the new animations, now it deseapear


Before you buy my game, notice that it is at a very early stage of development (Early Access) and many things can and will change in future updates.


Please, if you have a problem, send an email to, we will try to fix it as soon as possible.


Space Battle V.0.1.5 - Android Demo 36 MB
Oct 28, 2019

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