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Space Battle is a single player game where you will have to survive the waves of enemies and the dangerous environment.

You will have some time to build up your arsenal but once finished you will be in constant battle. Trade, collect minerals and sell pieces of your downed enemies to buy better weapons before more enemies arrive if you intend to survive for a long time.

Weapons, armours, shields, ships ...

You can also upgrade your ship with armor, shields and other tools that will make you tougher. Remember, you can't lose your space station
otherwise you'll lose... Also keep in mind that your death is, permanent and you will lose all the inventory but you have some time to recover it.

Leaderboard system

Every time you take down an enemy station, you will have a lot of material to sell and points, those points are hard to get to appear in a global ranking! Are you able to appear in the top?


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